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Water Filtration System Installation And Repair in Dallas, TX

Would you drink the water from your swimming pool? There might be that much chlorine in your tap water. If you don’t drink the tap water, you can only absorb the chemicals from about 8 glasses of water through your skin. Let Texas Green Plumbing do a water test today to check your chlorine levels and water hardness. These could be part of the problem with your health or why you are having to work on your plumbing system so often. Call Texas Green Plumbing today for your Water filtration in Dallas, Texas.

Water Filtration System Installation

It’s no secret that there are chemicals in our drinking water supply. Chlorine is added to clean the water, ammonia is added to hide the smell. Together these make a chemical known as chloramine. The chemicals are supposed to clean the water as it travels from the city supply to your house. But once it gets to your home, the chemicals need to be removed. The chemicals are bad for our skin, hair, dishes, and even our plumbing system itself.

Texas Green Plumbing is proud to install top-of-the-line water filtration systems to remove these harmful chemicals from your water supply and provide you and your family with fresh clean water every time you open the faucet.

Our plumbing professionals take great care in finding the best way to install the system to cost you the least amount of money while still providing you with the most convenience and peace-of-mind. Every situation and every home is different, call today to get one of our experts to inspect your home and determine how to get a water filtration system installed in your home today!

Water Filtration System Repair

If you have a proprietary water filtration system installed that isn’t operating correctly, call the plumbing experts at Texas Green Plumbing to diagnose the issue and offer the best solutions for repairing your water filtration system.

Once we have diagnosed the issue, we will walk you through the best methods of repair to determine if repairing the water filtration system is a better alternative than just replacing it with a new one.