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Plumbing Inspections in Dallas, TX

Texas Green Plumbing is ready to address your Dallas Plumbing Inspection needs.

A plumbing inspection performed in your Dallas, Texas home can help determine if there are problems that need to be fixed now. When ignored, things like leaks and obstacles in the sewer can become larger problems that require replacement of equipment, and ultimately money down the drain. Taking time to have a Texas Green Plumbing Professional examine your pipes and fixtures is a great way to know how well your home works and be prepared in case of an emergency plumbing problem.

So here are things that should be checked when you schedule your residential plumbing inspection in Dallas, Texas. This is so you know what to expect and how to handle problems when and if they arise.


Toilet Plumbing Inspection Dallas TX


Our plumbing professional should check each commode in your house to see if they are in good working order. Our plumbing professional will typically inspect the supply line, angle stop, ballcock, flapper, and the flush valve. A dye test will determine if there are leaks and if anything in the tank needs to be repaired or replaced.


Sink Plumbing Inspection Dallas TX


Our plumbing professional will check all of your sinks. Checks will be made on the supply lines, angle stop, waste lines, faucets, and drains. These are checked for for clogs, leaks, signs of previous leaks and any disposal that may be installed.


Bathtub & Shower Plumbing Inspection Dallas TX


Our plumbing professional will check the faucets, drains, and the showerhead for leaks and the drain assembly for functionality. Shower pans should be tested for leaks also.


Water Heater Plumbing Inspection Dallas TX


This is the most important inspection, as the efficiency of your water heater can determine the cost of your utilities. Shut off and pressure relief valves are checked or inspected, and the electrical and/or gas valve connections. The heater is also visually inspected for corrosion and the integrity of the flue pipe and burner.


Appliance Plumbing Inspection Dallas TX


Water and drain lines will be checked on the washing machine, dishwasher, and ice maker. The condensation drain line on the air-conditioner will be visually inspected.


The reason for the plumbing inspection is to again, give you peace of mind that your plumbing system is working properly. A thorough inspection at least once a year can save you money.