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Sewer Repair and Replacement in Dallas, TX

Sewer troubles can be frightening for homeowners. At Texas Green Plumbing we take pride in helping customers with their sewer issues. Sewer repair and replacement is a serious issue, don’t trust just anyone. Call professional plumbers you can trust.

Sewer Repair

Often times, sewer line can crack or get small breaks that can easily be repaired to save our customers time and money. Our expert plumbers will gladly assess the situation and give you multiple options tailored to your wants and needs.

Sewer Replacement

Sometimes, sewer lines, or sections of sewer lines must be replaced. This can be caused by foundation issues, roots from trees in heavily wooded yards, the natural decay of cast iron pipes, or just general misuse. If you have determined that you may need a sewer line replacement, our expert plumbers will guide you through the entire process.

We go above and beyond to make sure we’re addressing the problem the best way for you and your home with open and transparent communication throughout the entire process.

Don’t hesitate to call if you think you you need sewer repair and replacement. We will test the system to give you definitive proof of your issue and the best way to fix it.