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Plumbing and Foundation

William Rosebrock

June 5, 2018

  [John]: And you are listening to Ask the Experts Radio Show I’m John Wolf on Talk Radio 1190 and we have a doubly good show today. Normally at this time we have Roger Wakefield, and we do, and we’ve got another Roger W. Roger Williamson from the foundation field so we have the plumbing expert and the foundation expert here on talk radio 1190. Rogers, how are you doing

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Foundation versus pipes which needs to be fixed first?


March 1, 2018

John: As far as foundation versus the pipes which needs to be fixed first? How do you approach that? Roger: I work with some great foundation companies and Williamson Foundation in Rockwall is actually fantastic. I love them because they’ve got a lifetime guarantee. But I’ve talked to Roger (owner of Williamson Foundation) and we both agree you should always get the foundation fixed first because you don’t want them to

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Best Plumbing Test To Save You Money


February 9, 2018

Best Plumbing Test To Save You Money When Buying a Home in Texas Roger: I tell all the realtors that I meet to recommend to their clients they do a sewer and water test. It’s funny because they’ll spend $500 to have a home inspector come in and inspect everything visually above the slab, check to make sure faucets works, toilets flush, the dishwasher runs, the oven gets hot and

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