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Roger Wakefield on: How He Became the Expert Plumber

William Rosebrock

May 23, 2018

How I Became The Expert Plumber   [John]: And you’re listening to Talk Radio 1190. I’m John Wolf for the Ask the Experts Radio Show and our expert today is Roger Wakefield the founder/owner/operator of Texas Green Plumbing and we’re talking a lot about sewage today. But any type of plumbing problem is fair game if you’d like to give Roger a call (214)-787-1190 is the number right here. His

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Roger Wakefield Staying on Top of Your Game


May 2, 2018

?   JOHN: And you’re listening to the ask the experts radio show on talk radio 1190. I’m John Wolf and we have Rodger Wakefield the owner founder and operator of Texas Green Plumbing with us. Their website is texasgreenplumbing.com their phone number 972-442-4101.  Our number right here is 214-787-1190. We’re in our last quarter hour here so Roger I want to ask you a question, what do you do

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Is Plumbing A Good Job?


April 26, 2018

  JOHN: And you’re listening to ask the experts Radio Show on Talk Radio 1190 I’m John Wolf. We have with us Roger Wakefield the owner operator founder of Texas green plumbing. Their Web site Texasgreenplumbing.com and they’ve got plenty of information and links to videos etc. on that Web site by the way his number 972-442-4101, 972-442-4101. Our number if you have a question 214-787-1190. Now you mentioned about

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