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Roger Wakefield on Sewer Lines

William Rosebrock

May 15, 2018

Everything A Homeowner Should Know About Sewer Lines [John]: And you’re listening to Talk Radio 1190, I’m John Wolf for the Ask The Experts Radio Show. I’m not the expert, the expert here is Roger Wakefield this week with Texas Green Plumbing. He’s the owner/operator/founder of the company, he’s been in plumbing just about 40 years, handled everything you could imagine. And we’re talking about right now, we want to

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Chloramine Chaos


March 22, 2018

Chloramine In The Water Plano, TX   Famous water activist, Erin Brockovich, has been creating quite the stir for North Texas residents. Brockovich (rightfully) claims that the North Texas Municipal Water District is using a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, called chloramine, to disinfect our drinking water. Members of the NTMWD have responded saying this practice is “routine operational measure” and “common practice”. A NTMWD official told CBS DFW “We’re

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Have a Clogged Drain in Plano, TX


October 24, 2017

Nobody can escape the inevitable clogged drain, be it your sink, tub, or toilet.  Depending on the reason, the remedy is typically a do-it-yourself easy fix, as described below. Kitchen Sink If you find your water is pooling and slowly draining, food is most likely the problem in this area.  Garbage disposals prevent this by chopping up food waste into much smaller pieces that flow easily.  Run your disposal with

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Avoiding Frozen Water Lines in Richardson Texas


August 5, 2017

How To Avoid Frozen Water Lines in Richardson, TX The worst thing that could happen to you this winter could be a plumbing nightmare. Frozen busted water lines in Richardson Texas. I have been in some houses that have suffered this problem and it isn’t a pretty site. What happens is when the water isn’t moving and the temperature gets low enough, the water will freeze. When water does freezes

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