Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Water heaters come in a wide range of models, from tankless to standard and electric to gas. Water heaters work to keep the water in your shower, sink, bathtub, and other appliances comfortably warm. Studies show that 75% of water heaters breakdown when they reach ten years of age. Fortunately, Texas Green Plumbing has the water heater maintenance, repair, and installation services to keep your home’s water hot for decades to come. At Texas Green Plumbing, we service and install a variety of brands and models, including tankless. Whether its repair, replacement, or emergency service, you can rest assured that with Texas Green Plumbing, your water heater will be up and running in no time.

When It Is Time to Call Us

Are You in Need of RepaIr

Don’t hesitate to contact Texas Green Plumbing if you are experiencing any of the following:

Are You Ready for a Replacement

If your water heater is 7 years old or older, it may be time to consider a replacement. Our plumbing technicians are trained to properly install all makes and models of water heaters, including tankless and regular. However, if you are ready to heat your water and stay green, it may be time to switch to a tankless heating system. Tankless water heaters offer a longer lifespan, by as much as 10 years, with greater efficiency, smaller units, less greenhouse gas emissions, and significant savings on your water heating bills. Whether you are looking for tankless or standard models, Texas Green Plumbing technicians have the industry-leading knowledge to help your family choose the unit that will best fit your needs.

What to Expect

A Plumber You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience, Texas Green Plumbing understands the importance of hiring a plumber you can trust and always has your best interest in mind. That’s why our plumbers are not paid on ticket time or commission. A Texas Green Plumbing technician will never waste your time or try to talk you into unnecessary services. Our plumbers undergo an extensive continuing education which makes them some of the best-trained plumbing technicians available in North Texas. When you call Green Texas Plumbing, you can expect a trustworthy plumber to provide you with timely, personalized, high quality water heater service.

Flat Rate Pricing

With a visit from Texas Green Plumbing, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or surprise expenses. Anytime you give us a call we will give you an accurate pricing estimate over the phone. Our pricing isn’t based on service time plus materials, so unless we run into unforeseen issues, you can trust that our up front pricing estimate is what you’ll pay.

Why Choose Texas Green Plumbing

Issues with your water heater are never timely. Fortunately, Texas Green Plumbing is. Not only are our technicians available at the time of your convenience, but Texas Green Plumbing’s dedication to environmentally conscious plumbing solutions is ahead of the times. Roger Wakefield founded Texas Green Plumbing with over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry and a forward-looking passion for environmentally conscious plumbing. With a lifetime of experiencing the ups and downs of the Texas water supply, As a north Texas native, Roger understands firsthand the importance of conservation. Each plumber with Texas Green Plumbing is extensively trained to give you superior water heater service to keep your home’s water warm while possibly reducing your utility bills.

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