Slab Leaks

Slab Leaks

When pipes running through and under the concrete slab foundation of your home become compromised and begin to leak, your family can end up spending a fortune on water bills and damage recovery. This issue can arise as a result of poor plumbing installation, shifting foundation, or hard water corrosion. The process of non-invasive slab leak detection and repair requires highly trained technicians and proper equipment. Fortunately, Texas Green Plumbing technicians are some of the most highly-trained technicians in North Texas. Our reliable plumbing experts have the knowledge and equipment to save your family time, money, and detect property damage by providing effective slab leak repair.

When It Is Time to Call Us

As an advocate for water conservation, slab leak prevention, detection, and repair is particularly important to Texas Green Plumbing. A leak as small as the size of pinhead can waste as much 360,000 gallons of water a year. Not only do slab leaks waste enormous amounts of water, but they can also compromise your home’s foundation. In severe cases, this can lead to a foundation cave-in, pipe bursts, and flooding. This is why it is vital to contact Texas Green Plumbing as soon as you begin to notice any of the following symptoms:

Are You Due for a Checkup

Preventative plumbing is the most effective way to prevent serious issues such as a slab leak. Experts typically recommend having your plumbing inspected by a trusted professional on an annual basis. This will allow Texas Green Plumbing to detect and repair any small leaks before they become big ones.

A Plumber You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience, Texas Green Plumbing understands the importance of hiring a plumber you can trust and always has your best interest in mind. That’s why our plumbers are not paid on ticket time or commission. A Texas Green Plumbing technician will never waste your time or try to talk you into unnecessary services. Our plumbers undergo an extensive continuing education which makes them some of the best-trained plumbing technicians available in North Texas. When you call Texas Green Plumbing, you can expect a trustworthy plumber to provide you timely, personalized, high quality plumbing services.

Flat Rate Pricing

With a visit from Texas Green Plumbing, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or surprise expenses. Most of the time, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate over the phone. Our pricing isn’t based on service time or materials, so unless we run into unforeseen issues, you can trust that our up front pricing estimate is what you’ll pay.

Why Choose Texas Green Plumbing

Plumbing leaks are never timely. Fortunately, Texas Green Plumbing is. Not only are our technicians available at the time of your convenience, but Texas Green Plumbing’s dedication to environmentally conscious plumbing solutions is ahead of the times. Roger Wakefield founded Texas Green Plumbing with over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry and a forward-looking passion for environmentally conscious plumbing. With a lifetime of experiencing the ups and downs of the Texas water supply, Roger understands firsthand the importance of conservation. This is why each and every plumber with Texas Green Plumbing is extensively trained to give you superior customer service while helping you with your plumbing needs.

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