What is flat rate pricing?

Flat rate pricing is a fair way of pricing jobs because you know up front what the job will cost. We will not bill you on a per hour rate plus materials. Our prices are based on a per job rate so the cost to you will be the same no matter how long it takes to complete the job, unless we run into unforeseen problems (see exceptions below).

Why is flat rate pricing also known as fair pricing or up front pricing?

Most plumbing companies charge customers an hourly fee plus the cost of materials. If the company sends an experienced plumber to your house, he or she will most likely complete the work in a timely manner and the cost to the customer will be based on actual time spent to complete the job. However, if the company sends a plumber who is not as experienced to complete the same job, the cost will probably be higher for the customer because the plumber will have to spend more time to complete the job. With flat rate pricing, the cost to the customer will be the same, no matter which plumber completes the job.

Benefits of flat rate pricing:

You will know and be able to approve the total price of the project before work begins.
Work will be completed in a timely manner, because more time spent at your house does not equal more money for us.
Every customer will pay the same price for specific jobs, regardless of which one of our plumbers provides the service.

Are there exceptions to flat rate pricing?

Yes. If we open a wall or dig underground and we find a problem that was not visible or impossible to diagnose until the wall or ground was opened up, we will have to adjust the price. However, we will be honest with you about the problem and we will show you why the price will be adjusted before we proceed.

How does flat rate pricing work?

For most plumbing repairs we can give you an accurate estimate over the phone.

Are there any jobs that won’t fall under the flat rate pricing category?

Yes, some jobs such as slab leaks, sewer re-pipes, and unknown water leak locations are difficult to quote under flat rate pricing. However, we will work very hard to give you a fair price based on our experience in working with these kinds of problems.

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