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What makes Texas Green Plumbing Company Different?

At Texas Green Plumbing Company we know that when you need a plumber, you want to deal with someone that you can trust. Our plumbers don’t work on commission or ticket time, so they are not trying to charge you for every extra minute that they can or for parts and services that you don’t really need. Texas Green Plumbing Company is a full service plumbing company with an emphasis on reducing water usage which results in a cleaner, more sustainable environment as well as lower utility bills for our customers.

Green plumbing is one of the fastest growing topics in the plumbing industry, and we are your green plumbing specialists. At Texas Green Plumbing Company, we understand conserving water is crucial, especially during these drought stricken years. However, we also understand you don’t want to spend extra money on the cause. That’s why our plumbers are experienced, trustworthy, and reliable. Our plumbers are go through an extensive training program, and we ensure they receive more continuing education than our competition. We will repair your plumbing problems quickly with the correct parts made for your fixtures. And, we won’t surprise you with hidden costs.

We are a member of Green Plumbers USA

Helping Texas Go Green

Conservation Conversation

Water is a valuable resource and our lakes are not able to sustain the current levels of usage due to drought and a high demand for water.

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Water Facts

  • 1,000 people move into Texas each day. (politifact.com, 2009)
  • At one drip per second, leaky faucets can leak 3,000 gallons per year (waterfootprint.org)
  • Less than 1% of all the water on Earth is available or clean enough to drink. The rest is salty or frozen.
  • Every person in America uses about 160 gallons of water per day. During medieval times a person used only 5 gallons per day.
  • You can refill an 8 oz. glass of water approximately 15,000 times for the same cost as a six pack of soda.

Texas Green Plumbing Company can help you save money and our water resources. Call us today for a water audit on your home.

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