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Foundation versus pipes which needs to be fixed first?


March 1, 2018

John: As far as foundation versus the pipes which needs to be fixed first? How do you approach that? Roger: I work with some great foundation companies and Williamson Foundation in Rockwall is actually fantastic. I love them because they’ve got a lifetime guarantee. But I’ve talked to Roger (owner of Williamson Foundation) and we both agree you should always get the foundation fixed first because you don’t want them to

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Slab Leaks and What to Do in Dallas


February 21, 2018

Finding a Slab Leak in Dallas and What to do About it John: Do people look to you if they’re not experienced in this sort of way and say what would you do if this were your house- you want to tunnel through the garage, you want to tunnel through a closet, you want to tunnel underneath the house from the side of the house; are you able to give

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