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Have a Clogged Drain in Plano, TX

Nobody can escape the inevitable clogged drain, be it your sink, tub, or toilet.  Depending on the reason, the remedy is typically a do-it-yourself easy fix, as described below.

Kitchen Sink

If you find your water is pooling and slowly draining, food is most likely the problem in this area.  Garbage disposals prevent this by chopping up food waste into much smaller pieces that flow easily.  Run your disposal with very hot water to see if it clears it out, as hot water helps turn fats into liquid.  If it seems broken (making a quiet rather than normal grinding sound), you may need your disposal replaced.  It is possible that silverware is stuck in a blade too, so fishing around for this could be the answer.  Of course make sure your disposal is off before ever putting your hand near the blades inside!

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, the best way to fix this is by getting your hands dirty, and digging out the food sitting in the drain and throwing it away.  Make sure to always throw as much food away rather than in the sink to prevent this from happening.  Also, running very hot water helps liquidate grease and get it flowing as well.  If your pipes are full of grease from years of coating, a some people try a liquid or granular clearing agent; but we never recommend these, as they only decrease the size of the problem if anything, leaving the issue still present, and here at Texas Green Plumbing, we believe in keeping the Earth and our water supply as clean and safe to all as possible!

If these strategies above do not help, you may need a plumber.  Texas Green Plumbing has cameras to visualize the exact problem, be it grease, or even a broken pipe or tree root growing into your pipes underground; just give us a call at 972-442-4101.

Bathroom Sink, Tub or Shower

This room typically gets a drain clog from excess hair stuck close to the entrance of the drain, or jewelry.  Home supply stores have tools to remove hair and other items, and they are pretty efficient.  But if this doesn’t work, give Texas Green Plumbing a call at 972-442-4101 to help identify the issue and solve your drain problem.

Bathroom Toilet

A clogged toilet is NEVER fun to deal with, but is an inevitable life experience we have more than once in our lives. Be it our kids over using toilet paper, or flushing something crazy like a stuffed animal, just to see if it works, it just happens.  I recommend you invest in a plumber quality plunger for best results on forcing solids down. Make sure it is an air-tight seal before you plunge to get the most force out of your plunger.  And of course, if it is not normal toilet-type solids causing the problem, you will have to fish it out the best that you can.

Again, if you are still having a drain problem, Texas Green Plumbing is there for you, with same day service for urgent issues like this!  Again, our number is 972-442-4101, and we are here to help!


Avoiding Frozen Water Lines in Richardson Texas

The worst thing that could happen to you this winter could be a plumbing nightmare. Frozen busted water lines in Richardson Texas. I have been in some houses that have suffered this problem and it isn’t a pretty site. What happens is when the water isn’t moving and the temperature gets low enough, the water will freeze. When water does freezes in a pipe it expands and can create pressure over 2,000 pounds per square inch. Normal water pressure is under 100 pounds per square inch. At 2,000 pounds it is enough pressure to rupture any pipe that is filled with water and has no place for the ice to expand to. When the water line bursts it can spill hundreds of gallons of water an hour. That equates to thousands of dollars in damage to your home. This is completely unnecessary when you know how easy it is to prevent a water pipe from freezing.

First, if you have lines on an exterior wall that are under a cabinet, open the cabinet doors. This lets the warmer air in and closer to the water lines and lessens the chance of frozen water lines and the necessary plumbing repairs. Second, let the water drip – This will help avoid Frozen Water Line in Richardson Texas.   I know that we are in a drought and I never recommend wasting water, but this is a very slow drip and could save you thousands in repairs. I let both hot and cold drip. This will also avoid plumbing repairs.

Some other things that you can do to avoid frozen water lines in Richardson Texas  and plumbing repairs would be to seal up cracks and holes outside that might let the cold in. Adding wall insulation or actual pipe insulation could add an extra layer of protection that keep the lines from freezing. Last applying electrical heating tape to lines that are easily accessible can be good. There are two types of heat tape, thermostatically controlled and the kind that you just plug in to get it hot. Be careful with these, like a space heater they can be very dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong. I want you to call Texas Green Plumbing for all your Richardson Plumbing Repairs. I just don’t want you to call me for repairs that could have been avoided by following a few simple steps.