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Top 10 Thing You NEED to Know About Water Heaters

William Rosebrock

May 17, 2018

Water Heaters. They are one of those things that provides so much for your home, and improves your life so much, but they never get the credit they deserve. Then when they need repair or replacement they are talked down, like just another burden weighing on you. Water heaters have improved the standard of living for humans since their invention in 1889. However, water heaters today come in many different

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Roger Wakefield on Sewer Lines

William Rosebrock

May 15, 2018

[John]: And you’re listening to Talk Radio 1190, I’m John Wolf for the Ask The Experts Radio Show. I’m not the expert, the expert here is Roger Wakefield this week with Texas Green Plumbing. He’s the owner/operator/founder of the company, he’s been in plumbing just about 40 years, handled everything you could imagine. And we’re talking about right now, we want to get to talk about a lot of that

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